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Why Dartfrog?

The dart frog epitomizes several of our organization’s ACTION core values

Adaptive, Competitive growth, Transformative, Integrity, Openness, and Nature sustainment


Dart frogs are more well known as “poison dart frogs” because their skin excretes enough lethal toxin to kill 10 men. However, when raised in captivity, at a zoo or aquarium for example, they can modify their diet such that they are no longer poisonous.


In true Darwinian fashion, dart frogs at first appear to be a tasty morsel in the complex food chain of the rain forest. However, their bright colors actually serve as a deterrent to competing predatory forces, signaling “stay away, or risk losing your life.”


When the mother dart frog lays her eggs and they hatch into baby tadpoles, the father puts the babies on his back and delivers them to clear water to complete their transformation to adult dart frogs, often traveling five times further than necessary to improve chances of survival.

our Approach

Change management is dead.

At Dartfrog, we take a different approach to making transformative change happen in Life Sciences companies. Too often, change strategy is an afterthought.

Our approach to successful transformative change is holistic and agile, from start to finish – from strategy to design to results.

Strategic Fit & Case for Change

Too often, busy Life Sciences executives have already made up their mind that a change is required but it then falls flat because they are missing several key ingredients:

  1. Insight Driven Change Plan – successful change programs have an evidence base to answer the questions “why should we change?” and “why change now?”
  2. Integrated Business Strategy – in a Life Sciences company, any truly transformational change program means a link to business strategy. Too often, leaders fail to see the linkages between change in one area to their overarching business strategy.
  3. Case for Change Story – storytelling is a powerful means of helping people to make a mindset shift due to a compelling and memorable storyline. If you can’t tell a worthwhile change story, your people will quickly lose the plot line.

Agile Change Design

A great transformation strategy is often just a set of nice PowerPoint slides until accompanied by an integrated change design that considers shifts in people, new ways of working, technology and culture:

  1. Design Thinking – at Dartfrog, we see the connections across industries, and believe in bringing proven approaches, such as design thinking, used originally in consumer products and hi tech, to Life Sciences, thus allowing our clients to iterate from ”minimum viable changes” to the optimized end state more quickly.
  2. Agile Change Methods – our change methodology is not some big users-manual that requires months or years before transformation can happen. At Dartfrog, we pride ourselves on making a series of “agile leaps” meant to enable productive changes to take place and have impact, even when there is still more to do.

Outcomes Focused Execution

Organizational fatigue often begins to set in once the first components of useful transformation have been put into place. At Dartfrog, this is when we shift the emphasis to outcomes, by igniting the opportunity to win in increasingly competitive environments:

  1. ROI or Return on Inertia– too often leaders are antsy to see a Return on Investment in a complex change program, when the first signs of success often have more to do with inertia and rewarding early new ways of working.
  2. Outcomes Measurement – while change dashboards are certainly part of what we deliver at this phase, it’s much more important to link change success to leaders’ and key employee’s goals, objectives and incentives.
  3. Transformation Coaching – all too often we notice that the leaders who are put in charge of a change program lack the confidence or the aptitude to lead large scale transformation. Dartfrog offers certified coaches to help support the leader’s journey in a 1:1 environment.


Dartfrog knows the business of Life Sciences, because we’ve literally lived in your shoes. We intimately understand the continuous and never-ending drive for transformation, innovation, growth, agility and excellence – all in service of the patients your life saving medicines’ serve.

Our Founder, Mark Lelinski, has been tasked with making transformative change happen from both, the inside and outside, of the world’s leading biopharma companies. Renown change expertise in leading transformations at more than half of the top twenty largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world, all combined with a unique career that brings real-world, “outside-in” perspective from his time within health systems, health plans, PBMs, retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, physician networks, urgent care centers, top tier consultancies and health tech start-ups.

Mark Lelinski

Mark Lelinski

Dartfrog Managing Director & Founder


At Dartfrog, we look forward to discussing your plans to make transformative change happen. Whether you need to reignite growth, accelerate product innovation, or digitize a new hybrid customer experience, we’d love to hear from you!