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Business Transformation Strategy

In the most significant transformational efforts in a Life Sciences company, the changes are intimately tied to corporate, business unit, and/or product strategy. Dartfrog helps to align business strategy and change strategy to ensure they are integrated in a way that leads to successful change with business impact.


Change Insights & Evidence

Too often, biopharma company leaders are attempting to move quickly to make change happen, as competitive forces push them to keep up. This can result in skipping the all-important step to gather fact-based insights and evidence that demonstrate why change is required, before embarking on the transformation journey.


Case for Change

When making transformative change in life sciences, it can often pay dividends to “go slow in order to go fast.” We help our clients to craft the storyline of the compelling case for change, providing clarity about the road ahead in the change journey, and answering the important “what’s in it for me?” questions for impacted functions, teams, and individuals.


Transformation Design Thinking

Dartfrog applies leading concepts from the world of consumer products and high technology to bring design thinking to transformational change programs. We help teams to rethink, reframe, and reimagine new operating models, new ways of working, new product launches, new technology assimilations, and more. 


Agile Change Prototyping

Dartfrog brings expertise in agile prototyping, where together we define and design “minimum viable changes” that can then be rapidly deployed, tested and measured in a real world setting, in order to make better change decisions that prove effective, before seeking more expensive and time consuming scaling efforts. In transformative change, it pays to “fail fast” and continuously improve.


People Communications & Training

Dartfrog recognizes that people, and their comfort with change, is at the heart of any successful change program. We provide a platform for ongoing communication planning and learning curriculum design/development, resulting in just-in-time communications and people development.


Agile Program Management

Dartfrog’s deep consulting heritage, has given us a great deal of real-world experience with large scale program management. We don’t believe in reams of spreadsheets that no one has time to process and use. Instead, we embed agile program management techniques designed to keep the program on track without making an industry out of an important, yet straightforward task.


Change Outcomes & Incentives

At Dartfrog, we believe the most under-performing aspect of most transformation efforts comes during change execution. Life Sciences companies often fail to measure the right things, and we rarely link the changes to people’s goals, objectives and incentive structures. It is this alignment of incentives to outcomes that can often prove to be the make or break aspect of a complex change initiative.


Transformation Leader Coaching

At Dartfrog, we know that it’s people that make change happen. Effective and confident leaders are key to successful transformation. We are certified as Executive Coaches in accordance with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the gold standard in coaching. We will work with the leaders and key personnel involved in change leadership and offer one-on-one transformation coaching to ensure leaders lead from the front with confidence and accountability.


At Dartfrog, we look forward to discussing your plans to make transformative change happen. Whether you need to reignite growth, accelerate product innovation, or digitize a new hybrid customer experience, we’d love to hear from you!