OUR preferred relationships

Dartfrog is a niche consultancy specializing in transformative change within the Life Sciences industry. Although we most often support our clients alone, there are times a job is larger in size, and we are asked to work with other consultancies. While we pride ourselves in our ability to work with a myriad of players, we also have some pre-arranged preferred relationships we can tap into as needed.


Dartfrog is a small and nimble consultancy specializing in transformative change for the Life Sciences industry. We see value in collaborating with others from time to time, when a project is particularly large in size or requires some unique capabilities.

We have a strong network of independent practitioners we can tap into, if requested by our clients. And while we have worked with all of the top tier, global management consultancies, we have preferred arrangements with some of the very best, that we can bring to bear.

Dartfrog Independent Consulting Network

Dartfrog Independent Consulting Network is a collection of top tier consulting professionals who Dartfrog can tap into as needed for point expertise in a myriad of areas such as advanced analytics, human development, business strategy, or functional depth (e.g., R&D, Value & Access, Medical, Commercial, etc.). This constellation of Life Sciences focused consultants operates as a virtual network with no connection to one another, except when an opportunity calls for a specific skill set, they come ready to collaborate with you and Dartfrog.



At Dartfrog, we have been a part of large, global, Tier 1 consultancies, and we wouldn’t trade that experience and top-notch training for the world.

With that said, our philosophy about change consulting is quite simple. While there is tremendous value in having a “Sherpa” of sorts, who has traveled the transformation path successfully before, we don’t believe you always need an army of change consultants to get to where you want to go.

Dartfrog recognizes the value in having an organization’s own leaders be on point for the most important changes you will make. And guess what? These transformation leadership experiences are some of the most challenging, yet rewarding, personal development opportunities you can offer to your current and future talent.

With all that said, Dartfrog is here to have a seat at the table. We have something to say when it comes to your strategy, your ways of working, your processes, your people, and your technology. We are here because you value our insights and our experiences, yet we are also humble enough to listen and learn from you each day as well.

If you need something more than what Dartfrog offers, we will not hesitate to tell you so. We are experts at managing large scale transformational change in Life Sciences, and we will stick with what we do best; no need to worry about some big upsell. We are there to do a job: help our clients succeed, and then leave. It’s as simple as that.

We know every client is seeking great consulting value at a fair price. You will find that Dartfrog is almost always competitive in terms of our cost. We pride ourselves in providing value that far exceeds our fees.

Finally, at Dartfrog, we believe in paying it forward. You should know that a percentage of every dollar spent with Dartfrog goes toward helping both people and planet, BEFORE our profits.


At Dartfrog, we look forward to discussing your plans to make transformative change happen. Whether you need to reignite growth, accelerate product innovation, or digitize a new hybrid customer experience, we’d love to hear from you!